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Today's Best Barber Clippers & Trimmers

It does not matter if you are a professional barber, you are just getting started or you just want to cut your own hair. Good clippers are good clippers and bad clippers are bad clippers. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what product to spend money on.

Our team of expert barbers have reviewed more than 80 different hair clipers and trimmers to establish an easy to understand score system.

Things To Consider When Buying Clippers

Before we get into the details about the best hair clippers, These are the factors our expert barbers considered as they discovered 10 of our now favorite quality hair clippers and trimmers that make our list of top ten.

Motor Type Blade Type Length Settings Corded or Cordless? Accessories

Motor Type

Pivot Type motors tend to have high cutting power, so they’re particularly excellent for thicker or longer hair as they can cut through your hair strands with ease. Some of the best hair trimmers come with pivot motors.

These motors get most haircutting jobs done quicker since most pivot hair clippers pull their blades in opposite directions. This doubles the number of blade strokes you’ll get per second.

Rotary motors power some of the best professional hair clippers around. They combine excellent cutting power with long-lasting durability, usually for a much higher asking price. They tend to be pretty lightweight and make the clipper as a whole a little easier to handle, especially for longer haircutting sessions.

Rotary motors are also usually quiet compared to both other types. They are versatile and great for a wide variety of haircuts.

Magnetic magnetic motors are powered by electromagnetic devices that operate on both AC and DC power. They usually feature incredibly fast cutting speed, generally reaching up to about 7200 blade strokes per minute.

However, the trade-off is that magnetic motors don’t have as much cutting power as either of the other two types. They are usually a little cheaper and compact than the other two types, they’re a little more vulnerable to wear and tear if you use them frequently.

Clippers Trimmers

Andis Master Cordless Clipper

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